Traffic laws in France

Driving in France is pretty straightforward and fits in with most European nations.

One key thing to be aware of is France’s priorité à droite, which is signified by a black cross in a white triangle with a red outline. It means that traffic from the right driving into your road has the right of way and does not have to stop, but you do. This is particularly important to be aware of in rural areas.

One unusual rule for France is that drivers are required to have a breathalyzer in the car. Some other rules to keep in mind are that mobile phone use while driving is prohibited with no exceptions for hands-free use.

Right turns on red lights are not allowed.

All passengers must wear seat belts, and children under the age of 10 must sit in the back.

Foreign vehicles must display a sticker indicating the country of origin.

Horn honking is illegal in cities unless it’s to avoid an imminent collision.

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